Episode 4: What is Negotiation?

In this episode we begin by defining negotiation and continuing with the 7 elements necessary for successful interest-based negotiation. These are discussed in the context of three contemporary issues: feuding between political parties in the USA, Brexit negotiations, and the formation of a governing coalition in Germany.

Episode 3: The World Is On The Move

In this episode we look at the causes of migration, how migration is changing the world, and opportunities for building successful relationships and communication skills while tackling the migration crisis.

Episode 2: The World in Transition

Episode 2 of the Conflict Management Space Podcast hosted by Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz examines how feelings of uncertainty and societal division emerge from our changing world and how we can address these concerns with a focus on local communities.

Episode 1: Gender and Negotiation

The debut episode of the Conflict Management Space Podcast is devoted to the gender and negotiation, questioning the role and importance of gender stereotypes, and strategies for accomplishing successful negotiations while mitigating the impact of gender.

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