Solving conflict

is part of our personal, business and social environment.

The problem

is that often we react without thinking and make matters worse.

Learning conflict management

involves more than learning a set of skills; it is using its principles in our everyday lives.

Leaders are at the forefront

of promoting, developing and empowering people to be more problem-solving.

As a result, I am starting this space to offer tailor-made programs to meet individual needs. Through training, consultations, and coaching we will get to the heart of why there is conflict.


My name is Juan Díaz-Prinz. I am a mediator, trainer, and facilitator with 16 years of experience. I work on political, economic and social integration in post-conflict regions. I am also the Berlin Representative for the European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue (mediatEUr).

My passion is teaching and training. My experience is that interactive experiential learning approach is the best way to learn mediation. I was drawn to the work of Herbert Kelman at Havard University and built on his concept of interactive problem-solving workshops. Specifically, I used it in divided communities to promote interest-based problem-solving. My work in mediation and negotiation has taken me to many countries in South Eastern Europe, South Asia, and North Africa.

My journey began as an intern in a mediation office. I worked in various positions learning mediation and negotiations from different perspectives. Later I became the Director and Senior Mediator of a German NGO focused on mediation in peace processes. I oversaw peace mediation and peacebuilding projects, advised government officials and facilitated multi-stakeholder dialogues and mediation at the local level.

Most of the time, the problem was not the issues at stakes but poor leadership, broken relationships, and just bad management. Therefore, I focus my work on people in leadership positions, civil society actors, or future leaders.


Professional Development

The best way to learn conflict management is to immerse yourself in a program that allows you to reflect and learn through in-depth reading, interactive exercises, and peer-to-peer sharing. You can join one of my course or training seminars at various universities and organizations. In these courses, students and participants spend anywhere from 30 to 50 hours working together, practicing conflict management and giving each other feedback. Participants learn their own conflict management styles, work with tools for conflict analysis, practice a deeper level of listening and communicating and test out new ideas. Depending on the group, case studies and role plays are used as well as a day-long simulation.

If we do not learn to problem-solve and unlearn unhealthy conflict behavior, we remain vulnerable to conflict spirals and escalation. My work focuses on building capacities in conflict management. Depending on the target audience, the focus of work, and the types of conflicts, I can put together a tailor-made program for you and your team.

Online Education

Most of us communicate every single day, but nevertheless, we often fail to communicate successfully. This course will help you develop win-win solutions in every conflict, and at the same time deal with challenges, difficult people, bargaining tactics, and communication problems. Most importantly, you will learn to recognize your own skills as a mediator and find out how to handle a crisis to the mutual benefit of all participants.

At Lecturio I offer two courses on negotiation and conflict management. Participants learn to analyze a conflict and make concrete recommendations on how to move forward to resolve a conflict successfully.

The courses are particularly useful for you if you have to communicate professionally in your daily life or are seeking to get into professions where negotiations will be part of your main tasks. Additionally, it is very helpful for everyone who needs to improve their communication skills, be it for professional or personal reasons.

Community Problem-solving Workshops

Interactive Problem-Solving Workshops Teams, groups and communities can be ripped apart by conflicts. One way to deal with them is to take the power out of conflict escalation. Through interest-based workshops, stakeholders have informal discussions in a workshop setting to work on problems facing their community or organization. It starts from the premise that people know their own conflicts and problems better than outsiders and given the right environment and tools can find mutually acceptable solutions. Experts and facilitators provide input and process management so that stakeholders can concentrate on creative problem-solving. The workshops seek:

  • to bring all stakeholders together to find realistic and sustainable solutions
  • to establish a “safe and creative space” to explore potential solutions
  • to build the conflict management capacities of all stakeholder

Conflict Management Workshops

Successful transformation and integration require continuous learning of key leaders and their teams. Through in-house capacities or our network of expert trainers we provide workshops and training seminars in the following areas:

  • Conflict Transformation
  • Dispute Resolution System Design
  • Facilitation and Workshop Design
  • Equality and Diversity Management
  • Gender Awareness and Sensitivity
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Integrative Mediation
  • Leadership and inclusion
  • Professional Negotiations


Over the years I’ve learned that there is no one way to solve, conflicts. Actually, the search for solutions can be as frustrating and confusing as the conflicts themselves.

This is why we need to look not just at the issues but also at the people involved and the process in place. Quite often one of these three dimensions needs urgent attention.

I work with you to create a strategy that is tailor-made to your needs. I can support you by providing capacity-building through training, coaching, and mentoring. Of course, evaluation and monitoring ensure you are meeting your targets.

Specifically, I work with Integrative Conflict Management, my own approach. Through a combination of method, tools and exercises, I help people take charge of their conflicts and to find sustainable mutually rewarding solutions to their problems. Thorugh a step-by-step process, we identify the problem, build capacities, and generate solutions.

It is often the case that there is a state of unhappiness causing conflict and preventing people  from using their full potential. My work is based on a few core principles:

  • Successful conflict management focuses on quality of relationships and clarity of purpose.
  • Solutions are not found on our own but by developing an understanding of the different perspectives and multiple realities involved in a conflict.
  • Sustainable solutions involve balancing People, Problems, and Processes (PPP).
  • Understanding how to live concepts of equality and dignity will help to strengthen conflict management capacities.
  • Conflict resolution doesn’t just happen; it requires planning and managing processes that generate positive experience

When I work with leaders one of the most important aha effects involves understanding ourselves as conflict actors. Most of us have never taken the time to reflect on why we react the way we do in specific situations. Some of just think others are conflict-prone or conflict avoiders. Sometimes we see people and think they are naturally competitive people. I work with my own approach to achieve four goals:

  • Understand and analyse the conflicts we have and the people involved;
  • Assess what can we solve ourselves through better conflict management skills;
  • Identify what issues need professional third-party support; and
  • Develop a comprehensive program to build a sustainable conflict resolution system


Starting in summer 2018 I can be found at the United States Institute of Peace (Washington DC) as a Senior Program Officer working on mediation. While I will not be available for coaching or workshops, this website will continue to grow and expand with new educational and training materials. Please check back periodically for new materials and updates.

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