I work with clients to develop tailor-made training modules to meet your specific needs. Both in workshop format or blended online learning modules, my training sessions are highly interactive and broadly focused on conflict management and transformation: Modules include strategic negotiation for individuals and teams, classical mediation, peace mediation, gender and diversity sensitivity, and successful communication in intercultural settings.


There is nothing worse than knowing you are in a conflict and being unable to solve it. For me, the client is in driving seat. It is your conflict, and I can help you find a way that best fits to your ideas. I have developed my own approach to supporting clients in developing solutions, initiating conflict management processes and undertaking personal coaching. Together we set the goals to be achieved, the components to develop and the SMART indicators to measure your success.


Conflict resolution is about “clarity of purpose and quality of relationships”. When a conflict has spiral out of control, we need a little help to reconcile the issues and relationships. Sometimes, classical mediation can help us find a win-win solution. Other times, we need to integrate transformative approaches. If we know what we want to achieve and we know who we want to do it with, the rest of the problem will take care of itself. Together with clients we develop series of formats aimed at transforming the conflict from destructive conflict to constructive problem-solving.

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