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There is a gap between the theories and practice of conflict management. Those who have the knowledge are expensive, often have narrow specializations, and de facto can only reach a limited audience.

As this space grows, it seeks to provide flexible, interactive, & focused skills-building easily accessible and affordable to the people who need it the most.

Here you will find online training programs, blogs, recommended readings, podcasts, handouts and personal consulting to help you find the best material to build your skills.  If you cannot find it just ask.

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This section includes a series of handouts for training purposes. Please feel free to use them in your seminars. You are free to download a preview copy for personal use. If you wish to use the materials you can purchase licenses for the final version per person and workshop



We are not defined by the conflicts we have but how we solve them. I work with you and your organization to understand conflict management in your own way.
It doesn’t help to spend your time crisis managing. You can learn to transform conflicts sustainably. I work with you to create tailor-made training programs in a fun and interactive environment.
There is no one way to solve conflicts and negotiate issues. I help you to think through strategies, develop responses and generate clarity of purpose and improve the quality of your relationships.
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“If we want to solve a conflict,

we do not always need third-party mediation.

Instead what we need is to live the principles of mediation in

our daily work and interaction with others.”


Migration to Germany: the need for a “welcoming culture”

In recent months it has become fashionable to bash refugees or migrants. They have become…
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Advanced Training for Professionals / Practitioners

Designing Peacebuilding Programmes is one of the most practical and effective programmes in the field…
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The Conflict Management Space Podcast is a new ongoing series by Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz for bringing sustainable win-win conflict management and negotiation strategies and resources to the public with current, engaging, and thought-provoking themes.

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“Juan has a lovely mixture of knowledge, competence, gravitas, and charisma”

Brendan McallisterUN Mediation Standby Team

“Juan is a highly experienced and effective trainer and coach, who brings great passion, empathy, and creativity to his work. Conflict resolution is a way of life for him, not just a vocation.”

Dr. Mark YoungCEO Rational Games

“For many years now Juan Diaz has been holding a course on mediation and third-party participatory processes in the frame of the "Engaging Conflict: Prevention, Management and Resolution" summer school (University of Turin and T.wai). His unique mix of professional experience, social skills and competence allows him to easily engage with any class and to effectively show how theory is translated into practice. Students talk with enthusiasm of his lectures several years afterwards, and this is the best guarantee of his ability to leave a positive mark.”

Stefano RuzzaDirector Engaging Conflict Summer School

“Juan is a personable fun person to work with, with his own insights and experiences which make him authentic and real: truly inspiring for those who are trained or coached by him. As fun as he is, he takes his business serious. He makes sure that he knows the goal and then works focused but flexible enough to adjust to the situation or assignment. Best still: is that Juan is a value based professional. He is loyal, honest and wonderfully human. A rare find.”

Dr.Antje HerrbergCEO, mediatEUr

“For many years, Juan Diaz-Prinz has been teaching ‘Negotiation and Mediation’ at the Brussels School of International Studies (University of Kent). He has done so with an exceptional passion and enthusiasm, conquering the hearts and minds of large cohorts of Master students. Weaving in his field experience as a mediator, he has conveyed students know-how in the field that breaches classic academic boundaries, leaving deep imprints on their future lives and careers.”

Dr. Tom CasierAcademic Director, Brussels School of International Studies

“In a large scale crisis management exercise held at our Centre, Mr. Diaz-Prinz demonstrated his expertise in mediation. His support was also extremely effective in training and preparing for such exercise some key representatives of our multicultural community”

Luigi BusonChief Operations Officer

“Juan has been instrumental in helping us develop our approach to Diversity Management. He made a difference by connecting people in new ways and finding a common language. We also worked with Juan in designing and deploying new tools to reduce the risks of diversity conflicts and will make our company values more concrete and actionable.”

Peter SicilianoChief Operating Officer at Native Instruments

“Juan is a highly valuable attribution to self-awareness and understanding that each conflict bears a source of creativity and development. By giving practical examples and sharing hands-on experience, he manages to combine theory and learning in a unique style. He is very recommendable and a delight in intellectual brightness!”

Brigitte JaegerGerman Foreign Office-Responsible for German JPO Programme



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